Lucy’s Last of the Summer Wine Gin 43% VOL


A limited edition, we distilled a simple gin with juniper, citrus and peppery cubeb berries, and then added 25 kilograms of Petit Verdot grapes (sourced from Rustenberg Wines) post-distillation.  We let the grapes sit in tank for 5 days, allowing them to “bleed” colour, fruitiness and tannins, similar to the rosé wine making method.  Called Lucy’s Last of the Summer Wine Gin it is an amazing plummy red colour, delicious served in a Gin & Tonic with a slice of orange.

Available on-line exclusively via Rosendal Wines – click here to order.

Please take note:

  • This is a limited edition release: a batch of only 317 bottles in total
  • There may be some sediment that forms in the bottles: this is from the grapes which were added, slightly crushed, after distillation and we have not filtered the gin
  • The colour may eventually fade over time (essentially due to oxidation)