G&T Frost Popsicles 7% VOL

The G&T Frost Popsicles are a collaboration between Hope on Hopkins Distillery and JML Consulting, the creators of South Africa’s first wine popsicles, the PJ Pops™.

These are South Africa’s first G&T Popsicles and they are available in two flavours: the G&T Classic, and the G&T Berry Infusion.

The G&T Classic Popsicle delivers all the subtle bitterness and juniper-driven notes of a classic gin-and-tonic, while the G&T Berry Infusion Popsicle incorporates notes of blackberries, strawberries and blueberries to offer a rounded, slightly sweeter G&T experience.

The Popsicles were made using gins that we created specifically for JML Consulting.


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